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My Not-So-Quiet Quiet Time

I remember a time when my quiet time looked vastly different from what they do today. Back then, I would head to my favorite coffee shop, lose track of time, and savor a mocha latte from Palace – still the best latte I’ve ever had. The soothing sounds of worship music filled the air, and in those precious hours, I truly felt like I could reach out and hold Jesus’ hand. It was intimate and beautiful.

Quiet Time With a Toddler

Fast forward to today, and my quiet times last about 10 minutes, at best, before my toddler scrambles into my lap. My cherished “worship playlist” now consists of my little boy making truck noises and calling out “mama mama” whenever he craves a bit more of my attention. My journal, once reserved for deep reflections, now houses a mix of my prayers and my son’s artwork.

With Chaos Brings Opportunity

This season of motherhood is an entirely different landscape compared to the previous one, and I must admit, I initially resisted the change. I found myself feeling unsatisfied, yearning for that same closeness to Jesus that I once felt during those extended coffee shop sessions. I couldn’t help but wonder if my spiritual life had become less vibrant due to the brevity and chaos of these newfound “quiet times.”

This season is much much different than my previous season. But wow, this season has the opportunity to be so impactful for both my child and me. 

It dawned on me that my dissatisfaction might not be rooted in the length or tranquility of my quiet times but in my attempt to confine God within a box.

Is This an Interruption or an Opportunity?

There is a divine purpose in this season, and it took me a while to see it. Instead of viewing my toddler as an interruption, I began to recognize that I had an opportunity to include him in my quiet time. Instead of reading God’s word silently, I can read His Truth aloud to my toddler while my sweet hubby makes breakfast in the next room. I can pray with my little one, weaving God’s presence into our daily routine.

And you know what? Something beautiful happened. My son began to look forward to this time with excitement. He knew that he was about to snuggle with Mama before she started her day of chores and work. This once-frustrating interruption transformed into a moment we both eagerly look forward to. It feels like a sacred, shared experience, and I can’t help but believe that Jesus looks forward to this time too.

God Is In the Quiet and the Chaos

In this season of motherhood, my not-so-quiet quiet times have evolved into something more profound than I ever imagined. They have become moments of shared devotion and connection with Jesus, my family, and my baby. It’s a reminder that God’s love and presence can be found not only in solitude but also in the joyful chaos of everyday life. As I embrace this new season, I find myself thriving, not in spite of it, but because of it.

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