Making Room for Fun How to Declutter Toys

Making Room for Fun: How to Declutter Toys

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the massive piles of toys that seem to have taken over your home? Is it getting harder and harder to keep your kids’ rooms tidy? Don’t worry, mama – we’ve all been there.

The good news is, it’s easier than you might think to take control and make room for fun at your house again! In this step-by-step guide, I’m going to show you how a few simple steps can help declutter toys in your home so you can reclaim some sanity and add in more moments of joy. Let’s get started!

My Toy Philosophy

I have two boys, ages 2 and 9 months. We have so many toys! It gets overwhelming and I find myself going back through them every 6 weeks or so to get rid of more so that we can have a bedroom that is maintainable.

Here is my toy philosophy: I want my boys to be able to get out every toy they own, leave it on the floor, and it not feel overwhelming. Then, I want to have an organization system that is so simple that we can clean it up in 5 minutes or less.

Sounds impossible? It’s not! And it works amazing for us. Here’s how we declutter our house:

Making Room for Fun: How to Declutter Toys

Why Should I Declutter My Kids Toys

Decluttering your children’s toys may seem like an arduous task, but it can result in numerous positive outcomes.

  • A more organized setting will create a peaceful atmosphere, minimizing stress and allowing you to enjoy more quality time with your family
  • Not only will the process of decluttering be an educational experience for your kids, but it will also make cleaning up the room between play times a much easier affair
  • Because all the necessary toys are readily visible after the decluttering process is complete, you won’t have to worry about trying to get your kids to clean up when it is time for bed or when there is company coming over at short notice

Start by Putting All The Toys in One Place

The first step to restoring sanity and order in your household is to take control of the excess toys. Start by gathering all the toys from every room and throwing them into one space – like a designated playroom or living area.

It may feel a little bit overwhelming to see so many toys in one place, but this will help you get an idea of every toy you own so that you can begin to choose what to get rid of.

You can include your kids and make a game out of gathering up all the toys from around the house! Whoever gathers the most, wins!

Make Three Piles – Keep, Donate, and Trash

Once you have all the toys gathered, it’s time to take inventory of everything you have. You will make 3 piles:

keep, donate, trash.

To figure out which toys to hang on to and which ones should find a new home, start by getting rid of all the toys that are broken. These toys will go into the trash pile.

Then, take out all the toys your kids have grown out of. This step was easy for me since my boys don’t play with their baby toys anymore. Those were easy things to throw into the donation pile to give to our local thrift store.

Donating toys is a great way to recycle or share your beloved possessions with those less fortunate. Before you give them away though, check each toy for safety and cleanliness before handing it over. Please, do NOT donate toys that are falling apart or covered in filth.

Once you’ve taken out the outgrown and broken toys, you can re-take your toy inventory and begin further paring down.

Sort through Each Toy and Make a Decision

Start by sorting through each toy individually and make sure to include your children in the process – this allows them to actively participate in deciding which items to keep or donate. Ask them questions about what they use and enjoy, and what hasn’t been touched in months.

Show them how good it feels to let go of things that no longer bring joy while still holding onto beloved treasures. Involving them will not only help with decluttering, but creating these habits will set your children up for success as they are growing and learning to create their own habits.

Divide Toys by Category

Decluttering is a tedious task but it can become more manageable when you are able to organize your items by type.

I have found that starting with divisions such as all the balls together, all the cars together, etc., makes it much easier to gain perspective on what you have and come up with an effective plan for paring it down.

Then, you can choose a number of items to keep. 8 balls,  16 cars, 6 stuffed animals, etc. This will help you keep the categories in check and make it easier to see what is needed and what can be released.

Create & Maintain an Easily Accessible Toy Storage System

Keeping an easily accessible toy storage system can be daunting, but having the right tools makes it easier. I have found that setting up buckets for different types of toys works great.

Dedicating a bucket just to cars, another just to balls, and so on makes finding the right kind of toy much faster and simpler.

Labeling each bucket is also incredibly helpful. Having a mix of containers like baskets and bins can also make your playroom much more organized while adding color to keep it looking fun!

Plus, when playtime’s over, popping all your toys back into their designated buckets is fast and efficient. My boys can easily clean up their room, even at the ages of 1 & 2 years old because throwing their cars into a bucket is easy peasy!

Making Room for Fun How to Declutter Toys

Store Toys in Labeled Buckets and Buckets on a Shelf

Storing toys can be difficult and frustrating, but using buckets and shelves can be an effective way to keep them organized. Keeping toys in buckets is a great idea because it allows you to easily sort their types or colors while also making them easy to transport.

Choosing buckets with lids can also give kids the satisfaction of taking the lid off when they want access to those playthings – whether at home or out and about.

When choosing a toy shelf, make sure it’s at a comfortable level for your child so they don’t have to reach too high or too low for their favorite toys.

Then, ensure that it has enough compartments to fit all of your child’s toys as well as any buckets you plan on using!

Donate Toys That Are No Longer Being Used 

Taking the time to go through your children’s toys and declutter doesn’t only benefit you -it can also help others! The great thing about donating old toys is that they can provide enjoyment and comfort to children who may not have the resources to purchase toys of their own.

If you’d prefer to offset some of the costs associated with buying new toys, you could try selling them online or at yard sales—it’s an easy way to get a little extra cash and help others at the same time. Simply head over to FaceBook Marketplace or your local classifieds and start listing those toys!

No matter what you decide to do with your children’s used toys, it’s important to remember that decluttering can help create a sense of calm in your home, giving you and your family the peace of mind to focus on what matters most.

Keep Up with Your Organization

A great way to make sure your kids’ room stays decluttered is by setting aside some time every 6 to 8 weeks to go back through all the toys and items in the space.

This allows you to quickly throw out any broken or unwanted toys and reorganize what’s left so everything stays neat and tidy. It alsoo helps keep clutter from piling up over time by allowing you to stay on top of what’s in the room.

Taking this time once or twice a year will save hours of decluttering and organizing down the road, making it easier for everyone to live comfortably and happily at home.

Final Thoughts

Decluttering your children’s toys can seem like a lot to do, but with the right tools and approaches it can become much easier.

Divide toys by category, create and maintain an easily accessible toy storage system, store them in labeled buckets and buckets on shelves, donate or sell unwanted items, and keep up with your organization to ensure a clutter-free playroom all year round!

Okay Mama, did I leave anything out? Have any of your own decluttering tips for keeping toys organized in the playroom? Please help us all out and share with us in the comments below!

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