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How to Keep Kids Entertained Without Screens: 10 Fun Ideas That Work!

Hi, mama! Are you looking for fun ideas to keep your kids busy without resorting to technology? Maybe you’re tired of hearing “I’m bored” or you want your kids to be more active. Either way, I’ve got you covered! Check out my list of 10 fun ideas that will keep kids entertained without screens.

Allowing screen time does NOT make you a bad mother

First things first, I did not write this article to shame you! Believe me, if you knew how much time I’ve let my son watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Bluey, you’d understand there is truly no reason to feel embarrassed or guilty.

In my opinion, I do not believe all screen time is bad. There are times when I know the only way I’m going to be able to do all the things that need to be done is by turning on a cartoon for Jackson. This way, I know exactly where he is and I know he’ll be entertained long enough for me to get a few things done.

Seriously mama, don’t fret.

Some reasons to avoid too much screen time

So what’s all the fuss about screen time? If you’re like me, you’ve been told over and over again to limit screen time for kids, but you may not know why it’s so important. After doing some research of my own, these are a few reasons I found:

  • Too much screen time can lead to eye strain and headaches.
  • It can make it difficult for kids to concentrate and pay attention.
  • Too much screen time can interfere with kids getting a good night’s sleep.
  • Spending too much time on screens can take away from other activities that are important for kids, such as playing outside, interacting with family and friends, and being physically active.

1. Get outside and play!

This is probably the most obvious, but it definitely bears repeating. Playing outside is not only good for kids, it’s good for adults too! A little fresh air and vitamin D are good for the soul.

2. Draw with sidewalk chalk or paint with watercolors

Sidewalk chalk is one of those classic childhood toys that never gets old. And the best part? It’s relatively mess-free! Give your kids a bucket of chalk and let them go to town on the driveway or sidewalk.

If you want to get a little more creative, break out the watercolors and turn the driveway or sidewalk into a giant work of art!

3. Make homemade pizzas, cookies, or other simple snacks

This was something I personally loved doing when I was little. Every time I went to my grandma’s she let me help her make cookies or her homemade biscuits. Thankfully, there are tons of (simple) recipes out there that are perfect for kids. Let them get their hands dirty and have fun while they’re at it!

4. Read books together or tell stories

Reading is one of the best ways to improve your child’s literacy skills. But it doesn’t have to be boring! Make it a fun activity by reading together or telling stories. You can even turn it into a game by seeing who can come up with the most creative story.

5. Have a treasure hunt

This is a great activity for kids of all ages. Hide some small treasures around the house or yard and let your kids go on a hunt! You can make it as difficult or easy as you want, depending on the age of your child. This is also a great way to get them moving and active.

6. Build towers with blocks

This is another classic childhood activity that’s perfect for rainy days. Give your child a stack of blocks and see how high they can build their tower! Or if they’re feeling creative, see what animals they can create!

7. Water balloon fight or water race

If it’s a hot day, why not cool off with a water balloon fight or water race? This is a great way to get the whole family involved and have some fun in the process. Just be sure to have plenty of water balloons on hand!

8. Go on a nature walk and collect different types of leaves, flowers, rocks, etc.

This is a great activity for kids who love nature. Go on a walk and see how many different types of leaves, flowers, rocks, or other things they can find. You can even turn it into a game by seeing who can find the most unique item. Plus, not only is this a fun way to avoid screen time, but it can also be educational!

9. Get crafty

There’s no limit to what you can make with a little imagination and some simple craft supplies. Break out the construction paper, glue, and scissors and let your kids get creative! You can even turn it into a contest to see who can make the most unique creation. Or, if you’re feeling extra sweet you can tell the kids to make cards for dad, grandparents, or whoever may be on your heart at that moment!

Pro tip: Remember to throw down an old blanket or some trash bags before you bring out the glue and glitter!

10. Build a fort

You just can’t go wrong with forts. Forts are the perfect place to have imaginary adventures, and they’re easy to make with some sheets and furniture. Let your kids get creative and see how big they can make their fort. When they’re done, be sure to crawl in there with them and have some fun!

With a little creativity, you can keep your kids busy and entertained all day long. These ideas will help get you started! Try out a few of these activities to see which ones work best for your family.

Alright mamas, help us out by commenting some activities that have worked for you and your littles!

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