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Hey, I’m Abbie!

I’m a fellow friend, sister, wife, mama, and most importantly, a child of God. My heart overflows with a passion for growth, community, and spreading hope and encouragement to those who cross my path.

The story of Hey She Thrives is one of evolution and purpose. It all began with my love for writing. I’ve been fortunate to have created several blogs over the years. However, Hey She Thrives was different. It started as a blog dedicated solely to mamas, a place for them to find solace and friendship amidst the whirlwind of motherhood.

But as I continued on this journey, I felt a whisper in my heart that I couldn’t ignore. The Lord was calling me to something more significant, something that would transcend the boundaries of motherhood.

I truly believeJesus has given me the gift of writing. I don’t know what your gift is (though I’d love to find out!), but our gifts are meaningless if we are not using them to love God, love people, and reflect Jesus’ light to the world around us.

My heart beats for women from all walks of life. Life, as beautiful as it is, can be incredibly tough, especially when you feel like you’re navigating it alone. It’s during these moments of vulnerability and uncertainty that we often need a friend, a sister, a source of encouragement.

That’s the vision I have for Hey She Thrives – to be that friendly face, that listening ear, that warm embrace, and that cup of virtual coffee shared with your best friend during the sweetest life talks.

This blog is not just a collection of words and thoughts; it’s a sanctuary. It’s a safe space where you’ll find a vibrant community, abundant grace, unwavering encouragement, and hope. It’s a haven free of shame and judgment because I believe that in our vulnerability, we discover our greatest strength.

I do not have all the answers, nor will I ever have all the answers, but I do have Jesus. And where Jesus is there is hope, understanding, peace, and joy. That’s surely enough, isn’t it?

Hey She Thrives is crafted with one mission in mind: to empower women like you to make the most of their lives and reflect the light of Jesus to the world.

So, join us! I promise you, there’s always something to learn, and there’s always a place for you here.

Thank you for being here, for being a part of Hey She Thrives. Together, we’ll thrive and shine, not just for ourselves but for a world that needs a little more light and love. Welcome to this beautiful community of grace, hope, and empowerment. Let’s walk together, hand in hand, and make every moment count.

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